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Business Coaching, Lead Generation, Raving Fans

Recently I was at a presentation about creating raving fan customers. After mentioning that he is a raving fan of a rather unsuccessful local… Read more

Effective Delegation, Leadership

The Quote: “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” Which, of course leads to the question you should be… Read more

Business Coaching, LinkedIn, Online Marketing, Social Media

When you answer specific questions under the Answers tab in LinkedIn, other users vote on your answers.  Given enough positive votes/comments, you can become… Read more

5 Way Formula, Business and Golf, Business Coaching

I was reading GolfWorld magazine the other day and saw the following quote from The Greatest Game of All: My Life In Golf by… Read more

Accountability, Business Coaching, Effective Delegation, What Is Business Coaching

While on the golf course yesterday, one of my playing partners asked “What the heck is a business coach?”  He told me he had… Read more